Gavi Packages

In Gavi we providing amazing wildlife packages like over night camping,trekking ,bird watching tours ,tiger trails ,camp fire , border trekking etc…

Group Package

Trekking and Wild camping

Package -1-Gavi

Place : Gavi
Days-One night two days
Check in : 2.00pm
Check out -12 noon
Minimum number of pax : 4
Per person cost : Rs.4500/-
This programme is starting from Kumily . It includes wild life trekking , boating , jungle safari ,accommodation , food and transportation .



Package -4- Explore Periyar and Gavi


Place : Thekkady and Gavi
Days-two night Three day
Check in : 2.00pm
Check out -12 noon
Minimum number of pax : 6
Per person cost : Rs.4700/-
Programmes included
1.full day jungle jeep safari to Gavi with food
2.Raw boating
4.Elephant ride
5.Evening stage show
6.Boating in periyar lake
7.Accomodation in class Homestays or Hotels with break fast .

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or mail at


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